10 skills that will help you in receptionist jobs

Are you looking for receptionist jobs? Take a look at our receptionist job description to learn more about this career. Once you understand what this career entails, you can increase your chances of being hired by completing receptionist courses. Once you’ve decided that this is the field you want to work in, be sure to register your CV on Job Mail and start applying.

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A look at the receptionist job description

One of the main duties included in most receptionist job descriptions are administrative tasks. These professionals are usually the first point of contact for clients. They answer phones and welcome visitors to their employer’s offices.

Tasks that are associated with this position include filing and recording meeting minutes, but do note that the duties of a receptionist vary from employer to employer.

Receptionist jobs typically involve taking messages and scheduling appointments. Professionals in this field are tasked with responding to emails as well as typing documents. They process payments, respond to queries and order stationary. According to PayScale the average annual receptionist salary is R72 513.

If you want to increase your earning potential in this career, you should develop your human resource capabilities and complete receptionist courses. Receptionist vacancies can also be referred to as front desk coordinator or support officer positions.

10 receptionist job skills

From gaining experience to completing additional training, there are plenty of ways that you can develop your capabilities as a receptionist. Do you want to know if you have what it takes to succeed in this career? Take a look at some of the job skills associated with this profession.

1. Verbal and communication skills

Receptionists need outstanding communication skills. This helps them to with answering phones, listening to clients and responding to emails, which requires clear and concise communication.

2. Friendly and professional demeanour

Receptionists represent the company that they are working for and they need to uphold the values of their company brand. From dressing neatly to responding politely to queries, professionalism is at the core of every aspect of receptionist jobs.

3. Multi-tasking capabilities

Receptionists are required to complete a wide range of tasks in a fast paced environment. The ability to focus on more than one task at a time is vital to succeed in this role. Not only are they required to offer administrative support to other office staff, they also have their own duties to fulfill.

multi-tasking receptionist

4. Reliability

Receptionist positions require high levels of reliability. Receptionists need to maintain confidentiality as they may work with sensitive information that relates to the company or personal client details. Receptionists have a vital role to play in the office and it is important that they arrive to work on time.

5. Flexibility

Receptionists can find employment in companies or municipal offices. Vacancies are also available at factories, educational institutes and medical centres. Job specifications differ across industries and between different employers so, it is important that professionals in this field are able to adapt accordingly.

6. Computer literacy

Technology is an integral part of any office. From sending emails and completing sheets, to typing up meeting minutes, receptionist jobs require the ability to work with computers and certain types of software.

7. Interpersonal skills

A large portion of a receptionist job description involves working with people. Their tasks include supporting other staff members as well as interacting with customers.

people skills

8. Efficiency

Receptionists play a vital role in the smooth running of the company that they work for. The importance of this role means that receptionists need to complete tasks efficiently and on time.

9. Ability to operate office equipment

While computers are vital to task completion, receptionists also need to operate other office equipment. The ability to work with fax machines, printers and telephone equipment is important.

10. Organisational skills

A large part of running a successful office involves organisational skills. Apart from ensuring that their own workspace is neat and tidy, receptionists are responsible for organising filing systems as well as other paperwork.

Receptionist Courses

While studying further is not mandatory, completing receptionist courses can help you build on much needed skills and may increase your chances of being hired. When it comes to the expectations for a receptionist salary you can increase your earning potential by completing additional training. Improving your skills will also increase your chances of promotion.

Receptionists can advance their career by developing their skills to get promoted to being a personal assistant. One option is to complete a relevant certificate or diploma at a FET college. Administrative or secretarial courses are a good match for this career. Completing a vocational national senior certificate in office administration or a secretarial learnership is also beneficial.

studying to be a receptionist

Now that you know what it takes to find receptionist jobs, start by registering your CV on Job Mail. Receptionists play a vital role in most companies and there is a wide selection of employment opportunities in this field.

10 skills that will help you in receptionist jobs
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10 skills that will help you in receptionist jobs
Are you looking for receptionist jobs? Take a look at our receptionist job description to learn more about what to expect in this career.
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