10 skills and traits that make an excellent waiter

Are you looking for waiter jobs? The flexible work hours and potential earnings of these hospitality jobs make them a great option for many people. Whether you are a student looking for part-time work or you need a full-time job to pay your bills, working as a waiter is a good way to earn extra cash. Read our blog to learn more about the skills that you need to succeed in this position. If you enjoy working with people and you are able to perform under pressure, find waiter jobs on Job Mail.

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Waiters and waitresses work in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for receiving orders from customers as well as serving food and drinks. Casual and premium restaurants have positions for waiters and both part-time and full-time waiter jobs are available. The flexible hours and shift work make this position excellent for students. Tasks associated with this position include advising customers on the various meal options, liaising with kitchen staff, and checking on the well-being of customers. While qualifications aren’t required for these positions, there are certain job skills and traits that will help you get hired. Take a look at the top ten skills you need to succeed as a waiter.

1. Interpersonal skills

A large part of hospitality jobs involves working with people. If you want to succeed as a waiter, you’ll need excellent interpersonal skills. Not only will good people skills help you succeed in your role, it will also help you get bigger tips. You will also need to be able to deal with conflict and handle difficult customers.

2. Professional demeanour

Waiter jobs require high levels of professionalism. When you are working in this position, you will need to maintain high levels of hygiene and dressing neatly is important. Depending on your employer, you may be required to wear a uniform to work. Your hair should be neat and tied back. A professional attitude will help you establish a good relationship with your customers.

3. Ability to multitask

Waiters need to complete numerous tasks quickly, which requires good multitasking capabilities. From taking orders to processing bills, there are plenty of things to think about when you are working as a waiter. You will be responsible for more than one table at the same time, which means that you will need to juggle the needs of numerous customers.

waiter carrying more than one plate

4. Outstanding memory

The ability to accurately retain information is one of the top job skills a waiter needs in order to succeed. While you can write orders down, it is helpful to be able to remember the details of each order. You will also need to remember details about the menu, such as the specials of the day.

5. Physical Stamina

These hospitality jobs involve long hours working on your feet. To complete your shift, you will need to have decent physical stamina. Good health is also important. Keeping up with orders and a variety of customers can be tiring and, therefore, you will need to be energetic to complete all the duties that come with this role. The ability to lift and carry heavy trays is also required.

6. Fast working pace

As a waiter, you will need to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. When customers visit a restaurant, they expect high levels of service. Once you take each person’s order, you will need to ensure that they get their meal as soon as it has been prepared by the kitchen staff. While you are expected to complete tasks at a fast pace, you will still need to present a calm and confident appearance to your customers.

7. Knowledgeable

Waiter jobs require an in-depth knowledge on a variety of dishes and ingredients. You will need to remember the different meals that the restaurant you work for serves. Learning more about the ingredients in each dish as well as the prices is also beneficial.

8. Attention-to-detail

Waiters need to ensure that they provide a precise service to their customers. They need to record any changes that customers require to their meals without making any mistakes. Recording the specific orders of each customer makes paying attention to detail necessary.

attentive waiter

9. Reliability

When it comes to job skills, reliability is a vital quality for this position. Waiters need to pitch up for their shifts otherwise it can cause disruptions in the restaurant and put unnecessary pressure on other staff members. They need to provide a high-quality service that customers can depend on so that customers feel comfortable visiting the restaurant regularly.

10. Ability to prioritise

With so many tasks to complete, it is necessary to be able to decide which ones are most important. If a table’s food is ready and waiting to be served, the waiter will need to prioritise this task before the meals get cold.

priorities of a waiter


Now that you know more about waiter jobs, you can search online for suitable vacancies. Understanding the capabilities you need will help you to write a good CV and impress prospective employers during the interview process.

10 skills and traits that make an excellent waiter
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10 skills and traits that make an excellent waiter
Are you looking for waiter jobs? The flexible work hours and potential earnings of these hospitality jobs make them a great option for many people.
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