10 Secrets of a highly effective PA

Do you want to excel as a PA? With some guidance you can become a highly effective personal assistant. Once you have a better idea of what steps to take to reach your full potential, it is easier to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for PA jobs, having an overview of what prospective employers are looking for can increase your chances of being hired. You can browse online, register your CV and apply for personal assistant jobs on Job Mail.


A personal assistant is responsible for assisting the company’s senior staff members. Administrative work typically makes up a large portion of the duties that form part of executive assistant jobs. They are usually hired by a manager to provide them with one-on-one support. Tasks that are associated with this position include filing, answering telephones and welcoming visitors. They are responsible for making travel arrangements as well as taking bookings. PA’s write reports, respond to electronic communications and liaise with clients. Small businesses and large organizations both require the services of personal assistants. PA’s can also look for vacancies at media firms, NGOs and financial institutes. If you want to excel at your position as a PA, take a look at our useful tips.


10 Secrets of a highly effective PA

1. Have a thorough understanding of the tasks that are expected of you

The responsibilities of a PA differ between companies as well as between managers. Make sure you know what tasks you need to perform to support the senior staff members. If you have a thorough understanding of their goals, it will be easier to determine what help they need.

2. Maintain records

Make sure that you keep well maintained records that are easy to access. The records should be well organized and legible. This will mean that other staff members or temps can access the information if you are away.

3. Study further

A tertiary education will help you to secure a good job as well as to excel once you are hired. English and IT qualifications are both beneficial. You can also consider training in administration and business. If you want to find an exclusive position in a large corporation, a managerial qualification will put you ahead of the crowd.

4. Make the most of skills building opportunities

Practical courses will help to improve your effectiveness as a PA. Skills building is especially important as technology is constantly advancing. The more that you know, the better you can perform your duties. If you are in a junior position, additional learning is a good way to advance your career.

5. Maintain a professional demeanour

Not only should you dress professionally, it is also important to act in a professional manor at all times. At times you may be put under pressure or be required to deal with a difficult client but it is important to remain professional in challenging situations.

6. Gain experience through temporary work

This tip is great for PA’s who have just started their careers. If you want to increase your effectiveness, you can learn numerous skills by doing temp work. Working for a variety of companies will help you to be flexible as well as develop your skills set.

7. Be organized

Not only does being organized look more professional, it also boosts your performance. If you are organized, you can keep ahead of the tasks that you need to perform. Organization also helps you to access the data and information that the manager requires easily.

8. Have a friendly attitude

Friendliness can go a long way in an office and this is a particular important quality for PA’s. As a personal assistant you will be welcoming guests and answering telephones. As the first point of contact for clients and potential customers you will need to have good interpersonal skills.

9. Focus on solutions

Problems solving skills are vital for this position. You will be able to offer more support to the manager if you are able to offer solutions as problems arise.

10. Be Proactive

Although you may be given a list of duties to perform, it is also necessary to use your knowledge of the company to be proactive in your job and go above and beyond what is expected of you.

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