10 reasons you should become an Au Pair part time

Au Pair jobs offer flexible working hours as well as the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. If you are trustworthy and caring, this might be the right job for you. With the right skills and Child Care experience you can become an Au Pair. As these positions come with plenty of free time, they make great student jobs. From cooking food to playing games, there is a diverse range of activities associated with this position. If you enjoy working with children, you can find Au Pair jobs on Job Mail. Take a look at the top ten reasons why we think working as an Au Pair is a great opportunity.

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Au Pair salary

Do you need extra cash for textbooks or university fees? When compared to other part time jobs, Au Pairs make a good income. The average Au Pair salary is R56.17 per hour. Skills in organising activities for children are associated with higher pay. Whether you need extra money to pay for your studies or to spend on going out with your friends, Child Care jobs are a great opportunity to earn an income while you are studying.

Develop your skills

Another reason to become an Au Pair is that these positions offer you an opportunity to develop your skills. Working with children teaches you reliability, patience and organisational skills, which help to increase your employability after you graduate and a chance for a better than usual Au Pair salary. If you are pursuing a career that involves working with children, you can gain useful experience as an Au Pair.

Flexible work hours

Au Pair positions make great student jobs because they come with plenty of free time. Flexible work hours allow you to attend lectures and study while earning an income. As school holidays often coincide with university holidays, you will find more work opportunities during your time off.

Have fun

Child Care jobs are fun! In this position you get to organise interesting activities for children and join in the fun while earning an income. From craft activities to outdoor exercises, there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time on the job.

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Make a difference

Au Pair jobs involve taking care of children’s safety and physical health as well as teaching them new skills. In this position you can have a positive impact on the life of a child and act as a positive role model. You can share your knowledge and capabilities with the children that you look after by helping them with their homework.

Opportunities for international travel

When you become an Au Pair, it opens up opportunities for international travel. With Child Care jobs experience, you can travel the world once you graduate. Working as an Au Pair overseas you will have the opportunity to learn about a new culture and a new language. This position offers you an affordable way to explore other countries. You can be part of a new family and make international friends.

Increased demand

Finding part time jobs can be tough but with an increased demand for Au Pairs there are plenty of opportunities in this field. More and more families are hiring capable individuals to help take care of their children. In many families both parents work and, therefore, need extra help with their children.

Build relationships

Au Pairs need to have good interpersonal skills. The ability to listen and understand another perspective is an important part of this role. As an Au Pair you will learn how to build relationships which is beneficial for your personal life and professional prospects. Making connections with a new family is also rewarding.

Great job satisfaction

Playing a role in the development of children contributes to great job satisfaction. Child Care jobs are both emotionally and financially rewarding. Whether you are helping with homework or helping a child to improve their sporting capabilities, watching them succeed is meaningful.

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Gain confidence and maturity

Another reason that Au Pair positions are great student jobs is that they help to develop your confidence and maturity. You can use these characteristics to impress prospective employers once you graduate. Taking care of children is a lot of responsibility and, therefore, you have to be trustworthy to succeed in this position.

If you want to find part time jobs, start by obtaining your driver’s licence and first aid training. Cooking skills and basic education capabilities are also advantageous. If you are looking for a higher Au Pair salary, you can study further at SA Nanny in Johannesburg or at Edu-Care.

Now that you know why we think Au Pair jobs are great, you can do your own research and see whether this position is a good match for you. Also view the numerous Au Pair job adverts placed on Job Mail.

10 reasons you should become an Au Pair part time
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10 reasons you should become an Au Pair part time
Do you need extra cash for textbooks or university fees? When compared to other part time jobs, Au Pairs make a good income.
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