10 Reasons why Insurance jobs are exciting

Insurance jobs offer exciting career opportunities despite the common assumption that they are boring. Insurance brokers’ positions offer a rewarding career. Here are ten reasons why insurance is definitely a good career choice.


1. Insurance positions offer variety
The insurance industry offers a wide range of different jobs which means that there are plenty of career paths to choose from.

2. You can choose a position that suits your interests and skills
Whether you have excellent mathematical skills or you are an experienced salesperson, you can find suitable positions in the insurance industry. The opportunity to use your talents and to work in an area that interests you makes a career in insurance exciting.

3. Insurance jobs have good financial rewards
A career in insurance often comes with good financial rewards. You can spend your hard earned cash on exciting activities in your time off.

4. You can help to catch out con-artists
If you dream of being a detective, you can work as an investigator to help catch out con-artists. Trying to find out who is attempting to cheat their insurance company can be a fascinating job.

5. Insurance jobs give you the opportunity to meet new people
As an insurance advisor you will liaise with clients and meet new people. Interacting with a variety of clients keeps the job interesting.


6. You will have the satisfaction of providing people with useful advice
As an insurance advisor you will have the responsibility of helping clients to choose the right policy. Matching clients with a suitable policy contributes to job satisfaction.

7. Challenging positions help you to develop your skills
As an Account Handler you will be responsible for marketing your employer to a variety of clients. Selling insurance policies offers a challenging career opportunity which will develop your sales skills.

8. Insurance jobs include a wide range of duties
A diverse range of tasks help to keep insurance jobs interesting. Depending on your position, you will have different responsibilities. A risk analyst is required to collect information, visit sites, liaise with clients and complete administrative duties.

9. You can help people to get through tough times
If you want to help people through difficult times, you can find a position as a Settlements Insurer. This position involves processing claims fast and efficiently.

10. Insurance jobs are a great way to learn new capabilities
Insurance positions will help you to develop your skills so that you can advance on your career path.

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7 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Is this a Marketing Strategy?

  2. Amanda Nontobeko says:

    Hi there! I have a problem here, I also want to work as sales insurance.. I do have a Diploma in Call Centre but the thing always when I saw a post they only looking for someone who have worked before in Call Centre, Sadly I do not have an experience. So Please help me out how or where can I get an experience to qualify for this job?

  3. Leonard says:

    i am interested

  4. Quintin Williams says:

    Hi there. Well I kinda fancy myself a detective. Fast thinking witty and an eye for things suspicious. Wouldn’t mind giving it a go if you wouldn’t mind giving me a chance?

  5. Parick says:

    I would like to know why do I get an interview and I get to be promised for a second interview and that does not happen, are there any reason for these occurrences?

    • Henno Kruger says:

      You’ll have to find out from the employer. In some cases it’s because the employer has appointed a better suited candidate for the position.

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