10 Hobbies that You Can Turn into Paying Part-Time Jobs

In today’s economic environment, many people do a little work on the side for extra income and to get a chance to do something they really love (especially if they don’t love their full-time job!). Taking a hobby and turning it into a paid part-time job is a great way to achieve this.

So here are a few hobbies that you can pursue to make a little extra money on the side:

1. Blog like you mean it

Blogging is not only a great way get some extra writing exercise, but also to start earning a little money by doing so. Though you might not turn your ‘dear diary’ confessions into a business, there are countless money-making blogs out there that are looking for freelance writers. Look for some good lifestyle, travel, entertainment, or tech blogs to write for.


2. Get paid to party!

Do you love partying and have a knack for organising? You could start a small party-planning or events management company!

A great way to get into this business is to build a network of suppliers, venue owners, and entertainers who can cut you special deals that will appeal to prospective clients. If you want to learn a bit more about becoming an events manager, simply click here.

3. Grow your own herbs

Do you have green fingers? Grow herbs, veggies, or even potted plants for one of those organic food markets that are all the rage these days. There is a real trend for organic home-grown goods that you can cash in on.

4. Become a social media guru

Okay, social media isn’t really a hobby — but most of us spend so much time on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter that it might just as well be!

What you might not have known is that if you are good at getting ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, you might be cut out for work as a freelance social media manager.

Most companies out there need an online social presence, but many don’t have the time or the skills to do daily posts and interact with people online themselves. This is where you can come in and manage their social profiles and pages…for a small freelance fee, of course.

If you want to get into this game, you can even take a part-time marketing course to boost your credentials.

5. Take stock photos

A nice way to make some money from your photography is to become a freelance stock photographer. There are countless online companies (like Shutterstock) that are looking for people all over the world to supply them with high-quality photos of all sorts of things.

Taking Photos

6. Make people pretty

If you love doing your own and your friends’ make-up, why not start a little home salon? You can even get additional beauty therapy skills to make it worthwhile for your clients.

7. Shake and bake

Everything fresh, home made, and organic sells well these days. People are tired of just buying mass-produced, over-processed foods (walk into a Pick n Pay or Spar and you will be sure to find home made rusks and biscuits along the aisles).

Not only can you bake for local shops, but there are countless ‘slow markets’ or organic food markets that love these kinds of products.

8. Teach your tricks

You don’t have to make money from your hobby directly. You can always teach your hobby to others for a little extra money.

If you are really good at pottery, painting, needlework, cross-stitching, or anything else – why not offer classesto people in your neighbourhood?

Guitar Lessons

9. Create crafts for kids

A crafty way to make money from your hobby is to produce personalised gifts for babies and children— such as blankets, clothes, toys, or story books.

Parents tend to spend a lot of money on their children and would love something special for their little boy or girl. Moreover, family and friends will also be eager to pay for a birthday gift that means a little more than just another store-bought bib.

10. Start from the inside out

If you love decorating and décor, why not start a part-time interior decorating business from home?

If you’ve got a sense of style when it comes to interior decorating, you can build up a portfolio, keep up to date with decorating trends, learn some professional skills, and build up a network of suppliers,and then you can easily get into this gig.


Start today!

The internet presents countless opportunities for you to start — or market — a small business on the side. You just need a little bit of skill, a passion for what you are doing, and some free time. Learning some professional skills related to your field of interest is also not a bad idea — especially if it is through a manageable distance learning short course.

Looking for something you can do on the side or to get your foot into the door of a company / organization? Apply for one of the latest part-time jobs on Job Mail.

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