10 essential skills needed for Maintenance Manager jobs

Are you looking for Management jobs? Why not consider a career in Maintenance? If you have good organisational and technical capabilities, you are on your way to becoming a Maintenance Manager. Communication and administrative capabilities are also important. If you want to find out what it takes to succeed, read our blog. You can find Maintenance Manager jobs on Job Mail.

A Maintenance Manager is responsible for the upkeep of a company’s properties. They are also responsible for repair and installation tasks. Proper Maintenance is important as it enables other staff members to complete their jobs effectively. Employees in this position play an important role in the efficient running of an organisation. They aim to address problems before they affect the productivity of the company. If you are launching your career as a Maintenance Manager, take a look at the top skills that you will need to succeed.

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Planning and organisational skills

Managers in this role are expected to plan Maintenance tasks, which requires excellent organisational capabilities. They are hired to develop and carry out Maintenance procedures. It is important for employees in this role to complete tasks on-time as unresolved issues could become hazardous. This position, therefore, requires high levels of efficiency. The high volume of work makes the ability to prioritise tasks essential.

Technical capabilities

A core part of this role is made up of technical know-how, which includes knowledge of plumbing and electrics. Management jobs involve the use of tools and equipment. Employees in this position are required to respond promptly to emergency Maintenance tasks in order to prevent interruptions to the work schedule of other staff members. The completion of a relevant qualification contributes to your success in this career. You may choose to enrol for trade courses, such as plumbing, carpentry or electrics. Obtaining qualifications which teach managerial and leadership skills is also beneficial.

technical skills for a maintenance manager

Administrative capabilities

These positions involve administrative duties, such as report writing. Employees in this position are also required to keep records of their activities. An important aspect of administrative duties includes ordering parts and equipment. This requires the foresight to know what new parts are needed to avoid downtime.

Leadership and communication skills

Maintenance Managers are required to oversee other Maintenance staff to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently. They are responsible for training and mentoring the new staff members, who join their team. Another duty that is associated with this position is liaising with other departments within the company, which requires good communication skills. They are required to resolve the Maintenance issues which affect the performance of other departments. Interpersonal skills are needed to develop relationships with contractors as well as service providers. They’re responsible for developing work schedules for their team as well as ensuring that the schedules are adhered to.

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Management jobs involve building inspections which require the ability to notice and resolve any problems. Regular inspections help to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs later on. Checks should include the property’s electrical systems.

Financial acumen

Employees in a Maintenance Managerial position are responsible for drawing up financial documents. They are also expected to check that tasks are completed without exceeding the budget.

Dedication to safety

The completion of safety checks, such as assessing the fire system, is an important part of this role. Maintenance Manager jobs require an in-depth knowledge of safety regulations and equipment.

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Ability to multi-task

As a Maintenance Manager, you will need to be able to multi-task. The wide range of duties that you need to complete requires the ability to focus on more than one task at a time. Not only will you need to complete a wide range of Maintenance tasks, you will also need to manage other staff members.

Computer literacy

As is the case with most modern jobs, senior level Maintenance positions require computer literacy skills. From sending emails to writing reports, there are basic tasks to complete which require the use of technology. Knowing how to use a computer will help you when you are applying for Management jobs.


In order to resolve Maintenance issues, managers must be able to troubleshoot problems. They need to have outstanding problem-solving skills to be able to meet the daily demands of this role.

planning skills

Now that you know more about Maintenance Manager jobs, you can browse Job Mail for vacancies. As a senior position, Maintenance Manager duties demand high levels of reliability and skills.

10 essential skills needed for Maintenance Manager jobs
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10 essential skills needed for Maintenance Manager jobs
Why not consider a career in Maintenance? If you have good organisational and technical capabilities, you are on your way to becoming a Maintenance Manager.
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